is a London based graphic designer.

Welcome to Viviane Jalil's online portfolio.
You will find here a curation of self initiated and client based projects as well as some volunteer work. Feel free to contact me for more information about any type of projects, I am always happy to share my work and talk about my ideas.
Things I've been up to lately involve rebranding a skincare company, rethinking a shopping customer experience from web to store, designing a toolkit for an NGO and some UX/UI work. More projects coming soon!

Neighborhood Wall

Client: One World Trade Center

1155 AofA Book

Client: 1155 AofA

RISD 2015

Client: RISD

⚊⚊⚊ in West Soho

Client: 70Charlton

Urban Love

Client: OnLab

1155 AofA Suite

Client: 1155 AofA

Museum Wayfinding

Client: RISD Museum

Multiple Influences

Graduate Thesis Work

Hudson Blvd Park

Client: HYHK BID


Personal Work

Monthly Reports

Client: Wikitongues

Fahrenheit 240

Personal Work

Discover West Soho

Client: 70Charlton

GVF at 20

Client: Grand Victoria Foundation

Wikitongues Website

Client: Wikitongues

Frequency Optimizer

Client: comScore