1155 AofA Book

  • Client:
  • 1155 Avenue of the Americas
  • Studio:
  • Language Dept.
  • Service:
  • Book
  • Photography: James Leynse

An office building in Midtown New York, 1155 Avenue of the Americas went through a complete renovation and needed a printed piece to promote the re-imagined tower during construction.
Supporting marketing efforts, the book designed for 1155 takes the readers on a tour of Midtown Manhattan, invites them into the building and ends on a vibrant note in the greenery of Bryant Park.
Highlighting the new façade, light and shadows are the piece’s guiding thread, using colored papers to emphasize sections in the book.

Flipping through the publication, readers are led through a day, from sunrise to dawn and into the gleaming night of Midtown Manhattan.
Black and white photography is used as preface, followed by a section about the building itself and all its new features presented on white glossy paper. The final chapter, devoted to the neighborhood where 1155 is anchored, emphasizes the dazzling vibrancy of the area.
Paired with a folder of test fits and plans, the book is a mood piece, leaving most technical details to the folder and its content.


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