• Personal Work
  • Medium:
  • Visual Identity/Book

Seeing news coverage of the Syrian battle for the city of Aleppo every day, this project was a personal attempt at documenting and representing the city before its destruction.
The first step in doing so was to design an identity for the Old City of Aleppo (the heart of the conflict), which was then applied to a book documenting and presenting the city and its richness.
Highlighting the international influence the city had in the past, the identity features both Arabic and English.

The logomark focuses on the idea of a thread, connecting both languages and referring to the notion of “urban fabric,” often used to describe the city.
The content of the book is laid out twice, in English and Arabic, the latter accessible by flipping the book and reading it from the other end as both languages read in opposite directions. The two languages meet in the center of the book, bridging the gap between the two cultures.


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