GVF at 20

  • Client:
  • Grand Victoria Foundation
  • Studio:
  • Language Dept.
  • Service:
  • Visual Identity

Born from the Grand Victoria Casino promise to donate twenty percent of its annual income to support efforts in Illinois, the Grand Victoria Foundation connects people and ideas to transform communities.
Celebrating its 20 year anniversary in 2017, the foundation organized an event to share the amazing stories made possible by the 2,000 grants given to over 400 organizations.
Based on the notion of transformation, the identity developed for the event emphasizes the chain reactions made possible by the foundation, using gradients and typographic play.

Spanning across many components, from presentation slides to coasters, the identity is both flexible and simple to appeal to its audience.
Inspired by the “ six word stories” concept, the event invited attendees to tell their own stories—in six words—providing pens, notebooks and coasters to share experiences in a casual way.


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