Hudson Blvd Park

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  • Visual Identity/Wayfinding
  • Work part of a proposal developed with Mathiews Nielsen Landscape Architects

North from the High Line, Hudson Boulevard Park opened to the public in 2016 and part of a large-scale development program aiming at expanding New York City’s Midtown Manhattan Business District westward to the Hudson River. The park, made of six blocks stretching between several streets needed wayfinding to help pedestrians navigate the busy and dangerous construction area of Hudson Yards.
The identity/wayfinding presented to the local BID had to be simple and bold to stand out in a rather chaotic environment.

Inspired by the tracks covering the nearby yards, the proposal focuses on five site specific interventions, embracing the construction fences and bridges that characterize the area.
At ground level, a system of inlayed maps guides pedestrians from the park to main destinations such as transportation hubs.
Art interventions offer directions visible from a distance and attracts people on the safest paths while fences in convoluted construction areas are used as wayfinding panels.


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