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  • Media Corp.
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  • Designit London
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  • Enterprise software
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Media Corp (fictional name) needed help in developing the future of their leading planning tool, with an experience and technology roadmap to take it to market.
We gathered a team of researchers, service and experience designers, creative technologists and data scientists and started by shadowing users in order to understand their current experience and needs. We then mapped the existing organisational and technical landscape and data ecosystem.

Working in sprints, we built and tested key stages of the platform with users, iteratively feeding insights into our designs as we moved from feature to feature.
We provided Media Corp with a roadmap addressing the customer’s needs and minimising the cost of service delivery, as well as a branding direction for their new platform.



Media Corp. is a leading supplier of media planning software and data-driven tools used by media agencies, advertisers and media owners. Over 25,000 professionals across 100 countries use Media Corp. to plan effective media campaigns by analysing thousands of consumer and media data sets.


Media Corp. approached us with three main goals for which they needed help:

Develop a new generation of media planning services to defend their market share and stay ahead of the competition.
Design and build the future of a single platform to consolidate their current suite of tools.
Define the experience and technology roadmap for several products at once to offer a holistic experience to their users.


Create a future vision to meet users’ needs

We started with a 4 weeks Discovery phase to understand customer needs, the organisational and technical landscape as well as the existing data ecosystem and infrastructure.
We immersed ourself in the users’ world, spending time with users to understand their goals and motivations and to document their current experience of the tool.
Using the research insights, we created a detailed strategic vision for the product, which guided the Service Design and Experience Design work.


To build this new experience, we engaged a multidisciplinary team of Service Designers, Researchers, Experience Designers, Business Designers, Data Scientists, Platform Architects and Creative Technologists. Together, we worked iteratively, through phases of discovery, validation and testing.


Ensure our service works for all users

We tested our vision with media planners to ensure the platform met the needs of all users; from first timers to experts; from those working in print, TV or digital media.
The result was a future service blueprint that could inform the development of a platform that supporting all traditional media planners across the UK.

Build & Test

Make ideas real and iterate on them

Together, Product Designers, Developers, Data Scientists and Researchers worked to build the user experience outlined in the future service blueprint.
Insights fed directly into the design process. We tested the platform experience with users through low and high fidelity prototypes, using sprints to iterate on our work.

Experience Principles

Universal principles of good design will always form the basis of the work, but what we choose to dial-up varies based on the challenge and opportunity we are faced with. Based on learnings from interviews and field research, we defined principles to be the north star of the experience.

Brand Identity

We created a unique visual language that reinforces the dialog between the different tools that Media Corp. is made of.
As part of our deliverables, we built a design system made of components and patterns which were used in the design of several screens to convey the new look and feel of Media Corp., one that reflects the vibrant media industry it is a part of.


Client: we built a holistic future vision of the service which addressed customer needs and minimised delivery costs. We created an experience and technology roadmap to make this vision a reality and provided indicative designs to help Media Corp secure investment to develop the platform.
Users: we created a tool that makes users’ work faster, easier, and empowers them to be trusted experts for their clients.

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