Neighbourhood Wall

  • Client:
  • One World Trade Center
  • Studio:
  • Language Dept.
  • Service:
  • Wall Display

One of New York City’s symbols rising from downtown Manhattan, One World Trade Center is now home of many ambitious companies, ranging from publishing giants to local start-ups. Seeking tenants to fully lease the emblematic tower, the building needed an on-site installation to promote the revitalized downtown neighbourhood to prospective tenants.
Made of a mix of metal, plexiglas and mirror plates reflecting the clouds visible through the windows, the images cluster pairs photographs of local stores, parks and the underground transportation hub connected to the tower.

Reflective surfaces create a visual dialogue between the printed images and the outside, allowing visitors to see themselves as a part of the surrounding community.
Used for leasing presentations, the installation offers a mirrored image of the neighbourhood home of One World Trade Center.


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