Energy platform

  • Client:
  • Power Inc.
  • Studio:
  • Designit London
  • Service:
  • Web app and SaaS
  • Project protected by an NDA, more material available upon request

We were approached by the energy company Power Inc. (fictional name) to transform consumers’ relationship with their energy, aiming for higher engagement, financial savings and reduced carbon emissions.
As a multi-functional product team, we designed the entire end-to-end service proposition with a goal to provide an intuitive experience to help customers understand and ultimately gain more from their energy.

Using an iterative approach, we generated hypotheses and made early prototypes to test concepts as a foundation for defining the scope of a minimum viable product.
The latest version of the platform (currently under development) provides personalised tips on how to save more by making changes to daily behaviours and shows the combined community impact on reducing carbon emissions into the environment with a focus on electric mobility.



After a year of beta testing, Power Inc. set out to build upon their learnings and to create a new energy app with a mass market proposition. Their aim was to create a meaningful experience to capture the imagination of the UK energy consumers as they seek greener or more cost-effective energy solutions.


Create a mobile experience and supporting service for renewable energy customers that would help them to engage, learn and improve the ways they use energy.

Increase customer engagement with energy usage

Improve partner’s customer retention

Open up channels for new energy customer acquisitions

Open up new cross-sel / up-sell opportunities through the app


To help our client achieve their goal, we needed a team that combined qualitative research, user centred design and a strategic creative technology approach. We focused on incremental releases, with future concepts in mind to quickly launch to the market and iterate based on user’s feedback.


We created a white-labeled app to allow Power Inc. to share their vision.
After a partnership with an energy providerwas secured, we jointly build an app that would bring Power Inc. intelligence to customers and allow the company to prove their capability, helping them scale up and secure further partnerships.

UX principles

Mobile first
Capitalising on this specific channel requires understanding the value of mobile in the context of the overarching customer service.

The service is not only expected to be present on all channels, but also to provide a cohesive experience across channels.

Companion service
A digital product that seeks continuous customer engagement must quickly adapt to customers’ changing needs.
Hyper personalisation
Identifying and analysing patterns in customer data allows service providers to deliver a more tailored experience to each customer.

Data transparency
The data collected must then be analysed proactively in order to tailor the design of the service to the customers’ needs.

Always in control
Self-servicing can help at lowering costs, improve productivity and lead to a more personalised and profitable customer experience.

Customer journey

We made energy data engaging and addressed customers’ desire for financial savings as well as the aspiration to be greener. We brought to life an end-to-end customer-centric service, app and content strategy, creating a holistic service approach to designing the Power Inc. customer experience of tomorrow.


We created a mobile companion that elevates customer’s relationship with energy; a digital product that goes beyond what’s expected from a traditional utility app. Energy beyond utility.

Prototype & Testing

We had beta testers assess the value and desirability of different concepts and tested wireframe layouts to inform the design of the app. We analysed and prioritised the feedback received and presented recommendations to the client.


In addition to creating a new energy platform, we helped Power Inc. work with a retail energy provider to bring the service and digital customer experience to market.

Help align business goals across partners

Align on brand application

Develop content

Support development with ongoing usability testing

Develop go-to-market and launch strategy

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