Museum Wayfinding

  • Client:
  • RISD Museum
  • Service:
  • Wayfinding

Distinguished by its relationship to the Rhode Island School of Design, the RISD Museum grew in tandem with the school, expanding from one to three buildings in order to host an ever growing art collection and to keep educating and inspiring art enthusiasts.
Following a redesign of its map, the museum needed a new wayfinding system to guide visitors across the three connected buildings hosting the museum’s collections.

Color coded to identify the different buildings, the wayfinding uses three different signs: panels in the galleries point to the closest exhibitions and wall displays tell visitors which spaces they are about to walk in, signs near the elevators and stairs indicate which collections are on each floors, while signs in the elevators offer a more global view of the museum and its main connecting axis, as well as closest exits and amenities.


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