Multiple Influences

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At the end of their academic journey, students from the Graphic Design graduate department at the Rhode Island School of Design are asked to design and write a book to present their thesis, a series of works and essays defining their practice as designers.
Developed over two years, this thesis is a commitment to rebuild an intimate and more rewarding relationship with language through conscious negotiation with our tools.

The result of a fascination for the relationship between language and the tools shaping it, Multiple Influences explores how our devices—pens, keyboards, smartphones—make language visible and affect its forms and structures.


Something Else

Fahrenheit 240

Transforming a classic novel into a book of poems, with the help of Google.

Iteration is Perfection

A reminder to never stop iterating, because the first pass is never perfect.

RISD 2015

How an overlay of events and experiences can form students’ identities.