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In coordination with an international volunteer community, the NGO Wikitongues is building the first public archive of video in the world’s more than 7,000 languages. The organization, also maintaining open source technology for language documentation, acts a platform for cultural exchanges.
After a few years of activity, it needed a new website to reflect the organization’s multi-cultural facet and its legitimacy, tackling a matter as serious as language disappearance.

Available in six languages, the website had to quickly guide the user to crucial information, emphasizing donations and volunteering opportunities. The site tells the story of Wikitongues through videos and text while simultaneously encouraging people to actively support its mission.
After a few years of activity, the website is currently going through a new transformation, reflecting the agility of the organization.


Something Else

Monthly Reports

An NGO’s attempt at keeping their audience engaged and sharing progress.

Frequency Optimizer

Visualizing complex data in an engaging and approachable interface.

Invisible Boundary

A book questioning the impact of language as a cultural barrier.